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Walking and Running For Weight Loss and Fitness

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Running uses loads of calories and is an excellent supplement for controlling weight. But it has its downsides. It’s tough and when you start out it may hurt. As you get older you more easily become the victim of injuries. They often take a long time to heal, or even worse, become chronic. But done […]

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Reverse Aging, Keep Jogging

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“Knowing how to age and not being afraid of aging is very healthy” – Evelyn Lauder If your immediate thought is but I hate jogging. Then you can change the word to “walking” or “hiking” … or even “shopping”! Please read (or skim through) the article, and you’ll realise that the benefits of time on […]

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How To Win a Race … Even When You Don’t Finish First?

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Simply! By basing the results on age-related performance tables. From these, you can find out who had the best relative performance based on their age and sex. The one with the highest percentage is the winner! From the tables, you’ll be able to compare your performances over various distances from 200 meters to 200 kilometres. […]

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