April 21

The Truth About Exercise for Fast Weight Loss


If you're considering an exercise program for fast weight loss, be prepared. It's possible, but it isn't easy. 

To start, the simple formula is: consumed calories must be less than used calories

When considering weight loss programs it is easy be enticed by one of the many "shiny object" sites and articles on the internet. The ones that feature some slinky model and promise some pill or diet or exercise program that makes weight loss sound like a fast and effortless process. 

But unfortunately, it's not. 

It is possible to lose weight fast but nobody can say exactly how much, because many different factors have an effect on how quickly you shed pounds, including how much you weigh when you start the weight loss plan.

Any fast weight loss will include water, fat and possibly also the loss of muscle. The water weight will be gained quickly and losing muscle is not the plan.      

The best solution is a sustained plan to increase the difference between input, what you eat, and output, what you use—knowing that the greater the difference, the greater the potential weight loss. 

Any life-altering change is difficult - whether changing jobs, moving cities or countries increases the level of stress and discomfort. You can include a weight loss regime in this category. Not only does it require a change in diet and habits but also taking on an unfamiliar exercise routine.

It can be punishing! 

From one day to the next, the body is jolted by a drastic reduction in the number of calories consumed. Then there is the need for more sleep and the reduction in alcohol, carbohydrates and calorie packed treats. 

Starting with an Exercise for Fast Weight Loss Program

The first step is having the right frame of mind,  setting a goal and making a plan. The goal is not some wishy washy wish. The plan built on progressive doable steps.   

What is your "fast", and how much is the planned "weight loss"? Will this include pills or drugs? What steps are needed day by day to make the change? Is this a weight loss or fat loss program? How will the progress be measured?

Like most change, it is easy to start but becomes tougher and tougher to maintain. 

The body takes some time to adapt to the changes. Suddenly forced into an unnatural deprived state with its physical desires constantly defeated by the new mental resolve to lose weight. 

All the body wants to do is go back to where it was.

In this situation, your body and mind are in perpetual conflict. Each fighting to be the winner. Unfortunately in most cases, the body wins! Seduced by the lure of carbs, sugar and alcohol. 

So the secret to a quick weight loss is to have a worthwhile goal, understand the meaning of fast and have a strong mind. Added to the most crucial ingredient of behaviour change - building new habitsRemembering, that it was your old habits that heaped up the extra weight.  

So realistically, it's just wishful to think that the excess weight will magically melt away overnight without a fair amount of discomfort and effort.

Changing the Bad Old Habits for New Ones

Initially, new habits have to replace the old ones, and we all know that "old habits die hard." 

An excellent place to start is to define the daily process steps - the daily actions that will lead to the goal.  

If even taking regular small steps is too challenging, then hypnosis may be an option to overcome the initial hurdles. Although it has some negative connotation to some people, it can provide a lasting solution with very few side effects.

There are pills available that can make a fast weight loss program a little quicker and easier. Accept that these pills are a short-term crutch and during the time of using these the new habits must be rooted.  

The new behaviours must be entrenched if the weight loss benefits are to last for the long term.

A rapid weight loss exercise program has its stumbling blocks. There will be side effects—including sacrifices of time, food treats and social indulgence. 

Without adopting new habits, this will not be a long-term solution. The pounds will creep back, and within a short time, it's back to square one.

The two main lifestyle changes are the added exercise and the changes in food consumption. The exercise should include both cardio and strength training either with or without weights. The eating plan must be healthy and balanced and sustainable. In addition a  stretching or yoga routine will help with flexibility.

A quick and lasting weight loss can be achieved without hypnosis, drugs or surgery. Providing there is commitment, discipline and persistence with clear goals and a well-executed plan and added hard work ... and a bit of suffering.

Be prepared

Before starting, it is advisable to have a medical examination to ensure there are no underlying medical conditions that could worsen. 

Understand that while doing a complete exercise and eating transformation your weight may increase - but you'll look better with fat converted into muscle.

The changes will hopefully trigger a lifestyle reset. The new habits absorbed and accepted into the new you.


The remoulding will include an eating plan, an exercise program and also mental conditioning. To be a sustained success, losing the fat and keeping the fat off, all of these must be in place and in balance.

With a hefty dose of dedication and discipline, quick weight loss is possible. It has done by many, many times before. However, it isn't easy and, unfortunately, often does not lead to long-term success. 

But with the right mindset, you can be one of the exceptions... one of those that make it!


There are many free calorie counter apps available. The one I've used and can recommend is myfitnesspal.com. As a start, it's helpful to understand the number of calories in certain foods. And to monitor the balance between the food in and energy out.


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