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No Sweat Fitness Tips for Over Fiftys


Fitness Tips For Your Over Fifty Makeover.

Start Feeling and Looking Fabulous.

Simple and Fun Fitness Tips Will Burn Off Your Over Fifty Flab.

Accept it, aging, like tax, is part of life. Whatever we do we can't evade it.


Body functions slow down and change. What was perky turns to droopy! What was firm turns to flab!

But there is an upside.

While you're ageing, you're still alive!

Over the years, bad habits creep into our life. With other priorities. There are fewer incentives to look good. With no pressing needs to impress the opposite sex or get the body lean and mean for the summer beach holiday.

For many of us, a slow, sneaking laziness creeps in. Days of inactivity turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and months can stretch to years.

Busy daily life gets in the way. Unhealthy convenience eating added to no exercise creates a slow, imperceptible negative drag on our fitness and health.

But, there's a simple solution!

Get off your butt and follow these 5 critical daily fitness tips.

5 Simple Over Fifty Fitness Tips

Tip 1 - Move More

It sounds simple, and it is.

Simply by moving more! Your body is stimulated and burns calories. You don't have to go jogging around town. Walking around and walking stairs instead of taking the elevator will chew up calories.

Do some housework or gardening. If you have a desk-bound job, stand up every half an hour, walk around and stretch.

Whenever possible, stand instead of sit. 

An excellent tip for work is to have all meetings standing up. There are two benefits to this you will burn more calories, and the sessions will be a lot shorter! Stand up while reading through documents and files.

The less you sit, the better.

Tip 2 - Do Fun Things

Keep it fun.

For too many people, the words fitness and exercise spark negative thoughts of discomfort, pain and boredom. They don't have to be.

Dancing is an excellent way to burn calories, spend time with your partner and also have fun.

Another way to burn lots of calories is playing with the kids or grandkids ... or someone else's kids. Children have unlimited energy.

The parents will enjoy the break, and by the end of your playtime, you will have burned calories and stretched many muscles and joints.

Tip 3 - Multitask

We all know that watching television is mindless and unproductive.

Change this waste of time by multitasking. Do your exercise while watching your favourite shows or movies.

Set up a treadmill or exercise bike in front of the television, and after a few days, it'll become routine. Soon becoming one more healthy habit.

Instead of reading while sitting or lying down, do it on a treadmill or exercise bike!

Tip 4 - Be Social

Staying on track and regular exercising is difficult but essential.

There are so many excuses to avoid exercise. Too hot, too cold, too tired, too windy, too rainy or one of many, many more. To crush these excuses, you need to set goals and reward yourself for achieving them. Like if you stay moving on your treadmill while watching your television shows for a week. Reward yourself by going out with your family for a healthy dinner or a movie.

Another way to stay motivated is to exercise with someone else. By working out together, you can help keep it fun through conversation or competition.

One fantastic companion is a smartphone fitness tracker, which becomes your fitness companion. (I use, Garmin, Strava and the Health app on my iPhone).

Tip 5 - Do a Little Often

Above all else, understand that a simple fitness routine is vital for a long and healthy life.

Avoid becoming another flawed lifestyle statistic. Both health and fitness are critical for every aspect of your life. And in some surprising ways!

The more energy you have, the more you will achieve in your career relationships and finances.

No more excuses! Don't delay! Start doing something today!


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